I-Max (Immune and Stimulator)

I-Max is a proprietrioship composition for Intestinal Health, there by provides favorable condition for good microbes to flourish,Regularize the intestinal motility, regularize the PH of intestine and improves the digestion.

Composition of I-Max
I-Max is proprietorship blend of
  • Probiotics
  • Prebiotics
  • Nucleotides
  • Live Yeast and its extract Mono
  • Oligo Sacchride(MOS)
  • Chealted Organic acids
  • Herbs
Benefits Observed On Routine Use (as per various clinical trial conducted)
  • Increases nutrient digestibility
  • Improves FCR and Production
  • Improves Intestine health by regularizing PH,
  • increasing the favourable bacterial count and villi length get increased
  • Economical intestinal health additive
Trail Report

The trail conducted in broiler farm near Pune, Maharastra in 6000 birds capacity

Shed Number Number of Birds Mortality % Total kgs Sold Total Feed Intake Avg Body Weight (Kg) FCR Production cost/kg
A (Feed with I-Max) 3010 4.3 6481 10175 2.25 1.57 57.89
B (Control) 3015 4.45 6222 9893 2.16 1.59 59.05
Dosage recommended as regular usage
Category of Bird Dosage as regular Feed additive
Breeders - All stages  and Broilor-Chick  Stage 750 to 1000 Gm/MT of feed
Broiler - Starter and Finisher 500 to 750 Gm/MT of feed
Layer - All Stages 250 to 500 Gm/MT of feed

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